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Game Developers and PR Companies

We at Game Knightly believe in trying to provide coverage to the latest and greatest to the hidden gems in the PC gaming industry. We aim to cover those from the indie games industry as much as we do the big AAA titles in the mainstream and everything in between.

So if you feel you can stand by your product\game, the please get in touch with us. However, it’s notable that there’s a huge amount of PC games now being produced and it’s impossible to cover everything, but we will certainly do our best if we believe you have the same kind of passion we do in writing for these games. It’s all fire and ice out there and then somewhere in-between.

Please take notice of these notes before contacting us:

1) We’re a PC Game only site. Sometimes we might mention cross-overs however. If your game isn’t already on PC, then the question is why not? It’s the biggest gaming platform in the history of modern day gaming, you should seriously consider porting your product across!

2) If you want us to write about the game mor mod you have\are working on. There absolutely needs to be something worthwhile to write about. Simply stating: “I’m making a game, it’s going to be fantastic!” isn’t helpful to us or to you. We highly recommend where possible, get us something playable in your initial mail. Give us your media\pr\marketing pack (Images, banners, videos etc) Try and provide everything in one email if you can as mailing back and forth a few times to get a review or previous code, vital information etc means we’re much more likely to be focusing on material we already have instead of building a structure for a new article\case.

If you’re still fairly new, at the very least a video. There are so many indie games out there, so we really need to get a full sense of what your game is, how it plays out, why our readers should care. This is true of most media on the internet too – you’ve got to promote yourself if you want to be seen.

Please note, we are very much not for kickstarter games, you should have a solid working alpha before we consider mentioning it, there are so many kickstarters, lost dreams out there which end up on the scrap-head of dead dreams,

3) We ask that you please don’t spend hours writing a thousand-word essay about how amazing you\your company and your game is. It’s not a good use of your time or ours to read it. What’s key is that we know what the game\mod is like, as quickly as possible. We certainly will take the time to look deeper into things we find interesting that our readers in turn will want to read up on but to get to that stage, we need to have seen a short (yet sweet), interesting summary of your game.

TLDR: In short..

Send us a short email that immediately outlines what your game is and does, along with a link to in-game video\trailer etc, or even better, something playable. You can contact us via our publicity email here

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